“Beat Charlie Moore” Type Passion

Saturday morning: one of the days I love and always look forward to because it is fishing day. Yes, I love fishing from the banks or from a boat or even a bridge. I also love learning about fishing, watching it, or just talking about it. “Beat Charlie Moore,” a television show about fishing, is one of my favorite shows to watch. Why is that? And what might this imply for leaders in children’s ministry?

Charlie Moore has found a way to live out what he loves. He is truly passionate about fishing and it shows through his loud and outgoing personality. Charlie is in a field where there are many shows competing for the same audience with other very qualified professionals, and yet he draws in an audience that keeps him on the air while so many others either can’t make it on the air or have to quit due to a lack of viewership. He has found his niche and does it with complete authenticity. Like others in his very large, growing audience, I am drawn in by his sincere love and enjoyment for fishing.

This has all lead to me thinking through my passion and love for being a children’s pastor. How God uses my personality and gifts to reach more families for His Kingdom. I truly love fishing, but I love even more fishing for people who God has been tapping on their hearts and calling them into His Kingdom.

Have you found your niche that allows you to do what you enjoy, do it with all of your personality, and do it in a way that only you can do? People will be drawn when this happens.

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