1 thing I want you to do…’WIN’!

There are times in children’s ministry or just simply in life where you begin to question ‘why’? Your motivation may be swaying. You may feel that God has left you or forgotten about you? Maybe this happens after you have hit some financial wall? Maybe you have run into some parents who may not have had the best morning and you are the recipient of that week after week? Maybe you have key team members who tell you that they need to stop helping you in kids ministry because they need a break and you have no way of replacing them anytime soon? Maybe your budgets get cut? Maybe you have these ‘BIG’ dreams but it doesn’t look like they will ever come true?

In the movie Rocky II, Adrian (Rocky’s wife) delivers a healthy baby and then she slips into a coma. During that time, Rocky is completely unmotivated to fight as he is very depressed and overwhelmed and naturally so.

However, Adrian eventually comes out of the coma and the 1st thing Adrian says to Rocky is that there is one thing she wants him to do for her. That is to ‘win…win!’ That completely motivates Rocky as you can see in the clip below.

I find that it is extremely helpful for all of us to remind ourselves what motivates us to do what we do in life and ministry. Rocky had to be reminded by Adrian, we get to be reminded by God. That God so loved you that He sent Christ to die for you (John 3:16). That He would go looking for you, that 1 lost sheep even though he had 99 already in the hill (Matthew 18:12-14). That Christ saved you and impacted your life for eternity so that motivates you to impact others for Him. That is what motivates me. Seeing how Christ impacted my life, loved me even though I was lost, worthless, angry, confused, and hurt.

I get pumped knowing that God chooses to us me to lead others to Him. That I get to be a voice to speak encouragement into the lives of kids and adults like I wish I had when I was lost, angry, confused, and hurt as a child. That I have a God who says…Todd, there is one thing I want for you to do – WIN!

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