11 favorite iPad apps going into 2011

I know how everyone is coming out with all their top 10 or 11 blog post, thoughts, jokes, goals etc as we gear up to head into another year. So I thought I would add at least one top 11 list as we head into 2011. Here is my top 11 iPad apps (I actually cheated a little here as with some I lumped them into categories instead of individual apps). Hope you enjoy, and make sure you add your own here as well.
1. 1 Password
2. WordPress
3. Print n Share
4. Insight (for use with basecamp)
5. Mover+
6. Evernote; Box.net; Dropbox; iDisk; Mobile Files; Files Lite
DocsToGo, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, gNotes, Google,
7. Goodreader, PDFReader Pro, Quickoffice
8. Audiotorium; SoundNote; Dragon Dictation;
9. Flipboard. Use to be for this type of app: Pulse News, Early   Edition, Reader
10. YouVersion and Logos
11. Hootsuite for scheduling ahead tweets for when I go on vacation and stuff. This allows me to not have to be on line Hootesuite takes care of them.

Now what about or anyone else? What are your favorite apps? For what device?


This list just to stay as close to the 11 as possible minus the cheating I already described meant that I had to leave out others that I still truly enjoy like:

Amazon Kindle app; my magazines like Wired etc,. Plus I am not sure which ones above are truly just specifically for the iPad or made for my iPhone and it works on the iPad.

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