15 Minutes for a more effective children’s ministry


I think all too often we children’s pastors want a silver bullet to change our children’s ministries. We want to be able to read some book, hear some podcast, network with just the right person to hear our answer in what to do to make our children”s ministry successful. That is the million dollar question.

I have a suggestion to help get this done that requires 15 minute installments whenever you can. Yes just 15 minutes.

Stop reading this and go and make for yourself a list of let’s say 50-60 items that if you end having to wait for any reason you could work on these items. So next time you are between appointments, or your appointment ends early, or you can’t sleep at night or you get up a little earlier than normal or anytime at all that you have that extra 15 minutes, you pull this list out and pick from it an item to work on.

Over time, these moments of 15 minutes of what would have been wasted time begins to build momentum and items begin to get accomplished!

Congratulations, you are making your children’s ministry more successful!

What will be some of the items you have put on your 15 minute list?

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