• http://www.growingkidsministry.com Lindsey Whitney

    I love pretty much anything by Darren Rowse. I also try to read Stuff Christians Like every day. I love his style and hope to incorporate it a bit in my own writing.

  • http://www.toddmckeever.com/ tmckeever

    I have completely enjoyed our 31DBBB time. Lindsey you have done a fantastic job of organizing everything.

  • http://ChristianChildren.info Lois

    Love this post… I may have “met” you at 31DBBB if it was last year…. I was part of that using my Parenting Twins and More website. Anyway, I find this post helpful…

  • http://www.toddmckeever.com/ tmckeever

    Thanks for the kind words. Are you still blogging on the other sites?