2012 Kids Camp Season done for me


I have been quiet this whole because I have been at camp. I should have prepped a weeks worth of blogs to have been scheduled to post but the week before we left for camp our air conditioning stopped working during the 106 degree weather. Well I got that fixed but not until after some time of living in a hotel with my family, this makes it very hard to blog at all.

Then, I get this mysterious shoulder problem which disables me from using my left arm completely. Had x-rays taken and the doctor thinks it could be bone spurs on the shoulder. So he gives me a shot of cortisone and a small amount of vicodin to help me get through the week of camp.

I return today but in time for my follow up visit with the doctor as this whole week has been hard to not use my arm at all. Lots of pain and not easy to sleep unless I was sleeping sitting up with nothing touching my shoulder.

Basically I am looking forward to the possibility of getting back from a summer schedule and figuring out with my team how we will close out this year and gear up for a new year. I can’t wait until September when I get to take my coordinators out to a bed and breakfast and spend the weekend dreaming, planning and encouraging them.

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