3 Tools that helped me keep my sanity

This past week or two has been one of those where I felt the whole time I was just running from one thing to another. But now as I sit here this morning looking over the past couple weeks evaluating them I have come to a realization, there were 3 tools that I used over and over that helped me keep my sanity. I would like to just quickly highlight them today in my first post since the crazy season took place for me. It just seems appropriate. Let’s start.

Dropbox is tool number one. Here is a tool that I have come to love and enjoy and is a daily tool for me. I use it in my coaching as my way between my student and myself to work on stuff and get real time updates of when items are changed or added from those I share folders with. I enjoy that it also has an iPhone and iPad app as well. It is very easy to use.

Evernote tool number two. Evernote has become my all in all file system. I no longer keep paper files but scan or send everything to Evernote. I love the search feature and how it can even identify text in pictures as well. I have it set up with my twitter account to store great items that are posted in twitter as well. In my coaching I go over this tool in great depth with all the ways to use it.

SugarSync is the last of the three but no means the “last” in importance. Here is a tool that syncs all my devices that I choose to sync. It keeps my iPad, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro all updated with one another without me having to think about syncing. I have my desktops synced, documents, music and on some devices I have photos etc all done as well.

With all 3 of these tools the common denominator is I can be productive regardless of what device I am using. I have access to all my devices from any one of my devices. I do not need to take more storage up on some devices that I do not have as much storage on while using these tools, but still can get to any of the items I needs regardless of if it is a video, document, slide presentation etc.

So these past couple weeks I contribute my sanity in large part to these 3 tools.

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