4-D solution

Beginning this post allow me to say up front that I am in no means the originator of this and actually to be truthful I am not even sure when the first time was that I learned process. So, as it was free for me to learn, I offer it to you as well.

I see people struggle all the time trying to handle a large load of activities and projects. As they try to juggle all of these activities they are trying to just survive and trying to figure out a new system that will help. This is what I desire to offer you today, another possible system that is tried and true according to me. I work this system myself and believe you too can find it valuable if you will work it faithfully. So lets begin with this 4-D solution.

1. Dump It. Learn to say no. Pretty simple but it seems that those who work with Kids have a great hardship that comes upon them when they think of saying no. Dump It.

2. Delegate It. These are projects and items that need to be done, just maybe not by you. Hand them to someone else and don’t walk under guilt for doing this. Always ask yourself, “Who should do this?” When you figure it out then allow them to do it. If no one else comes to your mind who could not do it at least 75% as well as you, then it may be for you. But be careful to not think too highly of yourself and skill levels. So, delegate it out.

3. Defer it. These are issues you do not need to work on, at least not immediately. They can be deferred. Schedule a future time to handle these types of things.

4. Do it. Important projects that need your attention right away. Move ahead with these items, don’t make excuses if you have boiled a task down to this level.

So there you go a 4-D Solution for tackling your heavy load.

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