4 steps to Develop your top 10% of children’s ministry leaders


The way we can develop and empower the top 10% of our teams is not necessary the same as you do for the rest of your children’s ministry team. Let me explain, these people are cut from a different cloth than the rest of your people. I’m not going into all the factors that make them top performers (that can be another post for another day). I just want to focus on how we can tap into all of their potential.

Here are some of the ways I use to develop my top 10% of cm leaders:

1. Delegate to them: Once you’ve identified that they are a rising above the status quo, delegate some task that have more weight/importance than the everyday task. Keep in mind that you still maintain responsibility for it, but you are giving them the reins to let them run with it. Giving them empowerment.

2. Give them trust: Give them a lot of trust, let them see that you believe in them, don’t micromanage the project for them or continually look over their shoulder. Let them know that you are there if they need you, otherwise stay out of the way and see what they can produce.

3. Point them out: Let everyone else see and know that their drive and attitude is what you are looking for. Let them be a role model and/or mentor some of the other team members. I’m not saying play favorites with them; I’m saying acknowledge their abilities to step-up and go above their ministry description.

4. Raise the bar: Overachievers are competitive by nature, so give them a higher goal to shoot for. Challenging them will get them to push harder and in the process it will let them and you see where their weaknesses are, so you can mentor to them.

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