5 of the Top and Top of the Bottom

It seems that at this time of the year more list come out in blog post than any other time of the year. So I don’t want to break the pattern so I have compiled the results from 2010 for the top 5 click on post in my blog and also the bottom 5 as well. You may ask yourself why would I ever post the bottom 5? I wonder if they are really the bottom 10 or just missed by more people.

Why should these posts matter to you? Here are three suggestions:

1. You might have missed them, now you have a chance to read them.
2. You might have liked them and want to read them again.
3. You might want to share them with a friend via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (They’ll appreciate it and so will I.)

Top 5

5. Did I do that? Did I do that? It is time we start to take responsibility for the results we are getting.

4. Cut the bull, where’s your true passion? A leader who is not passionately committed to a cause will not draw much commitment from others

3. Making a living or building a cathedral? Purpose inspires performance and commitment.

2. New Position landmine #2 Relationships.For this landmine, it is usually going to happen when the new children’s pastor does not do an accurate job of establishing and identifying key relationships that will happen up and down or side by side in the ministry.

1. New Position landmine #3 The ministry itself. You become blinded with excitement of the new ministry, or the size of it, or the pay of it, new title or areas like that…

The bottom 5

5. Successful people have successful habits. Your everyday choices ultimately determine if you will experience success or just watch others experience success

4. Risk to become better. We need to be creative, take risks, explore new ways to make more stuff happen for the glory of God.

3. Growth through vision. …look at only two even though there are several fundamentals that could help us break through and into the growth we should be part of.

2. Someone who gets it. Jesus may I be counted guilty to be the one who will say “Thanks, and I love you”. Just for the record, this is definitely one of those post I feel if people truly caught, it would radically change our lives. Also, since the writting of this letter God has brought us back to the same state that Logan is in, K.C., MO.

1. Clarity is a must. It is our responsibility as leaders to make sure people understand the goals and purpose of what we are telling them about so they can make good decisions.

I hope you will read these if you haven’t, comment on them if you like them and share them with someone who would enjoy or benefit from them.

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