545 Reasons to pray for America this 4th of July 2012


Let this July 4th be the day that starts you focusing on praying for America. There are at least 545 reasons I can see we need to pray for America…435 in the House of Representatives; 100 in the Senate, 9 in the Supreme Court and 1 in the oval office.

To help get you started here is a resource I came across: 30 ways to pray for people in authority hope this helps get you started.

May this 4th of July be the start for many of us where we no longer excuse ourselves with, “What can I do? I’m only one person.” Let us never forget the power of prayer. With statements like the previous ones it shows how many people may have forgotten the promise of 1Chronicles 7:14 that says, God will hear; will forgive and will heal our land..if and when we pray. There’s no time for excuses or blame, we must rise to the occasion.

While we value our independence in many ways, the independence from God has wrecked chaos in our culture. The American church must shake ourselves from our slumber and pray for America and our leaders. We are dependent on God regardless of what anyone else may try to sell you on. We need God in America, the world, our churches and in our homes. It’s gotta move from just a nice saying to something that rings in our ears and shakes us to the bone in the reality of it all.

Again, let this be the 4th of July where you celebrate our Countries Independence, while at the same time we celebrate our complete dependence on God.

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