7 Questions To Hitting Your Target

Here are 7 questions to work through to help hit your targets/goals.

1. Have you identified and written down your goals?
There seems to be something different from just talking about and desiring different goals to actually writing them down.

2. Did you list the benefits? What will I gain by reaching this objective?
Concentrate on your benefits, not the problems that might be there. Knowing the benefits and having them written down helps keep perspective during those hard times.

3. Have you identified the obstacles which you will need to overcome in order to reach each one of those goals?
You see, if there were no obstacles, you’d already have everything you wanted.

4. Have you identified the skills and knowledge required to reach each one of these goals?
This question really helps you begin to prepare appropriately.

5. Who are the individuals, the groups, the companies and organizations you need to work with in order to get there?
Remember, if your goals are actually God given goals they will be larger than you. Since they are larger than you, you will need to collaborate with many. The bigger the dream the larger the team needed.

6. Have you begun to develop a specific plan of action to reach these goals?
Too many people go to their work every day or tackle life without specific objectives. So many of us have heard this saying: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And yet, many of us do not plan.

7. The final question: Have you set the dates you want to reach your goals?
If you don’t set the dates then it leaves too much open and way too much wiggle room to keep postponing progress in the goals. There will never be that sense of urgency needed often times to get huge goals accomplished.

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