8 Nations of Innovation

Innovation often comes from asking the right questions, according to best-selling author and church leader Rick Warren who referred to his list of essential questions as the “Eight Nations of Innovation”

1. What do I first need to stop? You can have so many irons in the fire that you end up putting out the fire. Termination is often times the start of innovation.

2. How do we do faster, larger, cheaper? Collaboration, Coordination is a must. Whenever answering this question you will be forced to think through how you are partnering up with others.

3. What could we mix together to create something new? This is the combination question. This looks at how to put together 2 existing things and making it new like icy-hot.

4. What part could we take out in order to make it simpler? We often times over estimate how long people will put up with the over complexity of things and ways that we do things.

5. What has died but if we could bring back in a new way it would be great now?

6. How can we change the purpose or motivation of what we are doing? We are not changing the reason but the how.

7. How can we look at this in a new way (Illumination)? You don’t see things the same once you are looking at it for a while you need to look at it with new eyes.

8. How can we make it more interesting, appealing, or attractive?

What if you gathered some of the sharpest people in your church and went over your children’s ministry with these people and asked these questions? What could be the potential results?

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