A term not heard from teams is “not my responsibility”

I went out to eat with my wife at a restaurant today. We watched the servers around our table notice when we needed another tea but did not get one for us. Some noticed we needed a straw to drink with or a napkin to clean up with, but never felt it was part of their responsibility to help us with getting one. The whole time our server never seemed to feel the need to help either.

Then I began to think about when people come to our churches. They see us walk by trash on the floor. We never stop to pick it up because it is in another part of the church than where we are responsible for. Maybe it’s in the parking lot and we don’t stop to pick it up. The paper towels in the bathroom are on the floor and they remain there even after we leave the restroom. These actions are noticed by those who attend our churches more than we may think. I know they were when I was the one in the restaurant who needed help and any of those walking around could have easily taken a brief moment to help.

Teams, when truly functioning as a team, will see the well being of the whole as part of their responsibility. There is an ownership that is created on teams. Teams that can answer questions or solve problems for the various people through out your church. Teams that don’t care if you are in the children’s ministry, or youth ministry, or senior citizen ministry, as much as they care that they can help you.

To truly create a satisfying experience for people, be a team. Provide answers, solve problems, take pride in all areas of the church. This is one thing I am always working on, team pride. Teach your teams that satisfaction for those who come to your church comes from their needs being met, regardless of who they are or what department they are in.

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