Action Bible review

Action Bible_3D

I was given a great opportunity to review the new Action Bible, Action Bible New Testament, Action Bible Devotional, and Action Bible Handbook from David C. Cook. With these incredible resources comes the illustrations from Sergio Cariello’s who has worked for DC and Marvel Comics as well.

I am blogging about this a little later than I thought I would be due to a very hectic Easter season, but also because I got more involved in reviewing these wonderful resources than I thought I would have.

Wanting to make sure I could get input into the thoughts and opinions of the age groups that would be buying these resources I took them church with me a few times and just laid them around. It was like throwing fish food into a tank of very hungry fish. In no time at all the art began to do its magic and draw kids into opening the book. Once the book became opened the wonderfully illustrated photos and stories handled the rest. Kids were hooked!

My one wish for an improvement if I was asked would be: Find a way to illustrate and share the stories so more kids could use them in their children’s services while their children’s pastors were preaching.

Enjoy their brief trailer:

Now what are you waiting for….Go get these resources.

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