Advancing with Vision and Strategy part 1


I cannot tell you how many meetings on Vision and Strategy I have been in and the result amounted to nothing. Too often the steps to connect vision are not discussed or understood by anyone. The items discussed in the meeting never take part in becoming part of the people culture. I want to break this down into 3 basic but clear steps over the next couple blog post.

Step One: Compelling vision with a deadline.
A vision must be connected to goals. The vision is a desired future, while a goal is a time based and measurable view of that vision.

A great example of this is the often used John F. Kennedy having a vision of the United States moving ahead of the Russians in the race to the moon. It was a vision that would result in technical and intellectual superiority but also prove that capitalism and democracy beats communism!

It was a vision with a deadline. Kennedy wanted to send a man to the moon and bring him safely back home by the end of the 1960s. The vision was compelling. It was something never done before, but beyond the vision, there was a deadline that served to create a sense of urgency. A dream alone is inspiring. A deadline alone can make you sweat. But, together, they can work magic.

So, in your vision, can you create goals that bring energy to the inspiration? How can you create deadlines that give urgency to the cause that creates motivation for your current volunteers and potential new volunteers?

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