AHA Book Review

Read the post because at the end of this I have a FREE Aha book for the winner of a drawing on March 31, 2014. Post or email me an encouraging story when you were able to experience the love of God like the prodigal son was able to do through his father. On 3/31/14 I will throw all names together and have one of my kids church kids draw it. Make sure you have your email included. I will email you on 3/31/14 and get your address if you are the winner.


In Kyle Idlemans book, AHA (Awakening, Honesty, Action) Kyle takes us through the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. Describing the experience of being in the distant country, (this Distant Country can be defined as any area of our lives that we have walked away from God) and then coming to his senses.

What drives many travelers to the Distant country is that they are running from a god that doesn’t exist. Kyle goes on to discuss that for one reason or another, their perception of God doesn’t match up with reality. They are rejecting a god they created and not the true God who created them.

The prodigal son and his perception of what it would be like without his dad but only with his money was not correct. The son still chose to leave and do it his way. Sooner or later living in the distant country the alarm will begin to sound saying stop, turn around, change, get up and to of here. Too often we do like the prodigal did, we ignore it. The prodigal son in Luke 15 didn’t hear the alarm until the pig pen.

– Didn’t hear while he made his request to his father asking for his share of the inheritance.
– Didn’t hear as his wallet became thinner and thinner while in the Distant country.
– Didn’t hear it while a famine swept through the land.
– Didn’t hear it while he took the job of a pig sitter.

He continued to hit snooze. God will allow us to experience a sampling of what we can expect if we don’t wake up.

Grab this book and read the painful but extremely encouraging and hopeful adventure as Kyle lays it out in everyday language and examples with scripture to prove it.

In closing, I enjoy the most where Kyle points out: “We expect God to be an angry father who demands justice, but through Jesus, He gives us love and grace when we don’t deserve it. Ultimately, the story in Luke 15 isn’t about two sons who disobey. It is about a Father who loves His children unconditionally.”

How would your life be different if you woke up when God sounds the first alarm?

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