American Idol Leadership

My wife and I enjoy watching American Idol. We enjoy when the shows starts and they show the auditions, good and bad ones. Here are a few items I have thought about while watching.

First, let me start with character counts. The ones on the show that seem to really connect with those of us watching the show have a story that contains faith and perseverance. In your leadership, your character is what establishes your opportunity for success over any position you may officially hold. Management guru Peter Drucker once said, “The proof of the sincerity and seriousness of an organization is uncompromising emphasis on integrity of character.” This is why the first lesson that stands out to me is: Character Counts!

Second, keep it honest. Out of all the hundreds of thousands of people that have auditioned through the all the seasons of American Idol, the finalists were the most refreshing and honest ones. As one of the judges this season said of one of the contestants, they sang from a different place. When you lead is it from a different place? Is it pure, refreshing, and honest? Are you leading with the confidence but yet willing to show that you don’t know everything all the time? From a leadership standpoint, don’t take yourself seriously–take the Great Commission and Great Commandment seriously.

Lastly, pick the right song. Nothing undermines a leader more quickly than pretending to be something he’s not. Every season, we hear the judges challenge the American Idol contestants to choose music that fits their style and range. In leadership, picking the right song (or rather, choosing the leadership style that you can live consistently and successfully) makes all the difference.

Now go and be a Leadership Idol for your Childrens ministry. Watch your Character, Stay Honest (it will shine through and be refreshing to others), and Lead with your own voice (don’t try to borrow the leadership style of other greats).

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