Are you Buzzing your volunteers?

The other day I had a great idea, I could cut my own hair!! I thought really how hard could it be? Well, I soon found out. We went to Walmart and bought these clippers with all these different guides of various lengths, and the kit had all kind of great gadgets and all as well. When I got home off to the bathroom with a sheet (to stand on to catch all the hair) I went.

Now let me tell you a little about myself that I too am very aware of as well. I have no patience. I mean like none. I also enjoy getting things started and when I have built teams that love to do what ever I had started then I love to leave it to those teams to continue on while I go and take a new hill to only repeat the process. Well, knowing this about myself you would think surely I would understand that hair cutting is probably not the job for me. Wrong! I tried it anyways.

You can see the result for yourself how wrong I was in trying to convince myself that cutting my own hair was any kind of a good idea.

This made me begin to think, how often I have seen volunteers get set up for a buzz as well.

What I mean is this, sometimes we don’t take the time to either get to know our volunteers or we just don’t pay attention to them and their gifts and talents because we want to fill holes in our ministries instead of placing people where they will be successful. It was not a good idea for me to try and cut my own hair knowing what I know about me, because after 4 minutes I was done and instead resorted to just buzzing everything off. I did not set myself up for success. Our volunteers when we do not pay attention to them and place appropriately we set them up for failure as well. We may give them great tools, I had great clippers and all the accessories, but I still should not have cut my hair. A misplaced volunteer may have all the greatest stuff at their disposal but will not be able to taste success because they are in the wrong place.

Take time to get to know your volunteers. Ministry is about relationships, not filling holes. Don’t buzz your volunteers, groom them for success.

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