Authentic Leadership

A leader brings people together to pursue a shared purpose. Gaining alignment around purpose is one of the greatest challenges that leaders can face. To sustain the motivation of teammates and a successful track record, authentic leaders convey such a sense of passion for their purpose that people share it and feel inspired by the mission.

This is why being authentic is truly a must and will only happen when you have a high level of self-awareness, are clear about your values, and understand your leadership purpose. Without all of these in place as a filter of authenticity, you will flip flop with every new ministry technique or strategy that comes along. If you try to emulate someone else’s leadership without the benefit of the filter, your lack of authenticity will show through. Under pressure and stress, leaders tend to resort back into what really is authentic for them. When this happens, if it is not in sync with who you have been promoting you are, those following will be confused. Confusion causes people to slow down. Think of the last time you were driving somewhere and got lost. Your driving probably slowed down and you began to question every turn you made with “was this the right one or not?”

This kind of slowing down will cripple potential results. So, be authentic, be all that God has made you to be, and be only who God has made you to be.

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