Bad habits may be more present than you think

I have invested years into observing great people who really are world changers. Now I am part of a church that has that phrase “World Changers” in their mission statement. This has sparked in me to go back and look at the world changers that I know or have studied and see that their success is built upon great habit after great habit that allows them to experience success. It is through improving systematically one habit at a time that over time will dramatically improve our our own success.

Being one that believes 100% that if you keep doing what you have always done, that you will always get what you have always gotten. So, lets look quickly at some possible bad habits that may be keeping you from living with the success you desire.

1. Not dealing with paper work quickly and efficiently.
2. Being late for meetings and appointments.
3. Handling your mail more than once.
4. Not returning phone calls on time.
5. Talking instead of listening.
6. Poor communications between staff and colleagues.
7. Forgetting someones name 60 seconds after being introduced to them.
8. Hitting the snooze alarm several times in the morning.
9. Not taking enough time off for family and friends – guilt free.
10. Not spending enough time with your kids.
11. Working long days without exercise or enough breaks.
12. Leaving home in the morning without hugging, kissing or saying “I love you” to your spouse or kids.
13. Taking work home with too often. With laptops this has become more common, for me as well.
14. Never unplugging from your cell phone.
15. Controlling every decision especially the small ones that you need to let go.
16. Procrastinating with everything from filing taxes to cleaning your house.
17. Eating at irregular times of the day and night.
18. Not allowing enough travel time for outside appointments.
19. A lack of clarity about expected outcomes, monthly targets, goals etc.

I am going to stop with 19, just because I know it will cause some to break out in a rash to not end on 20.

Now go and take some time to create a list of habits (hopefully the above list of 19 can help spark some ideas) that may be unproductive for you. In order to change anything you must know where you are now and what needs change. Remember if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. I have also heard that the true definition of insanity is trying to keep doing the same thing the same way but expecting different results.

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