Blast from the Past

My good friend Karl Bastian recently tweeted a Blast from the Past from his blog. It is from when I was pastoring in the D.C. area at Jubilee Christian Center and he came to visit. What a great time that was. But as I looked over the pictures, I noticed how big I was before:

Compared to now, and this is even with a large ScotteVest on for all my gadgets from an iPad, iPhone, iPod, and such (which by the way this same good friend bought me this jacket):

I feel like I was a contestant on the biggest looser with the before and current type photos. Actually it is very encouraging seeing myself smaller now than before. The realization that I stand a “Bigger” chance of being around to walk my daughters down the isle when and if they get married makes me extremely excited.

This has taken developing some new habits for myself. What new habits are you needing to develop to stay around longer to accomplish what God has for you?

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  • That was a great time! You also look taller in the newer photo!

  • I think as you thin out it makes you look taller. Can’t wait until I get to the poundage that I want to be at.

    Yes, it was a great time.

  • tiffanie

    pastor todd – you look great! and we miss you at jubilee!!


  • Thank you Tiffanie we miss you guys as well.

  • BlessedSonflowr

    Dude! Everything you put your hands to prospers!

  • Thanks you are extremely kind.