Book Review- 27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask

I have known Dick Hardy since 1992 and ever since then have come to know Dick as one of the great thinkers and go get em’ type people out there. In part what makes Dick one of those great thinkers is that he knows how to ask great questions in order to continue to grow and stretch his tent stakes further. In his book 27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask he again does a masterful job of collecting in one convenient place questions that are asked and maybe should be asked more frequently.

As you read through this book, it is not filled with dry boring irrelevant questions, but, fact finding, honest, practical, inspiring questions to help every pastor and church leader to grow themselves and their ministries. One of the great things I enjoyed about this book is the way it as written with each chapter only a few pages so you can read the book in a very short time. They are practical and to the point. A lot of the stuff Dick points out are unfortunately missed by churches on a regular basis and it is very refreshing to have someone who really does care about the church who can come in and say with clarity and integrity that only Dick can deliver in his own unique way “you might want to consider a few changes”.

I also know that there can be and are a lot more books than I would like that are written these days that come from a more critical view of the church and spend most of their time bashing the church. That is not the heart that this book has or takes. But it is written from the heart of: Let’s learn what we can to help the whole body of Christ become all we can be in and through our local churches for the purpose of reaching all we can.

In closing another great resource by Dick Hardy is his web site The Hardy Group, see you there.

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