Book Review: Steering Through Chaos by Scott Wilson

Pastor Scott Wilson has definateley hit a home run with his book “Steering Through Chaos“. This book by title alone could have taken a few different unconnected but much desired directions. Pastor Scott has found a way to take all of those potential unconnected directions and mold them all into a very connected practical and often times insightful way.

My temptation here is to want to do a chapter by chapter review of this great book because I feel if you do not consume the whole book, you are definateley missing out. But, I will resist temptation and try to mention only a few items.

Scott does begin the book by setting up for his readers the guaranteed pain that will and does come from growing and changing. As a matter of fact Pastor Scott quotes Gerald Brook’s words: “Your church will grow only to the level of your pain threshold.” I must say that I added this to my Evernote file. Scott goes on and says that “Ultimately, leading transitions isn’t about changing the direction of the church or changing the staff. It’s about God changing me as a leader so that I can trust him more fully, listen to Him more intently, and obey Him more gladly.” Scott then goes on and finishes this particular paragraph on page 31 with this reminder: “A disciple is not above his teacher. If Jesus faced challenges i ministry, I shouldn’t be surprised if I do as well.”

Pastor Scott continues now that he has adequately set up the scene for change, challenging our norm and comfort to laying out through the rest of the book some very practical but yet deep ideas of how to grow through all of this. He shares the battles he had early in his ministry of aligning the right people for the right ministry fit. Scott shares the realities of the people not knowing truly what the church was to do and why and how he corrected this. The ways he brought people on board with the direction and much more. But I must admit that throughout the book Pastor Scott does a good job of reminding us: “When we aren’t driven to prove ourselves or please others to win their approval, we can breathe a bit more easily and make it a priority to spend quality time with God and with our families.”

To keep true to my purpose of not writing a chapter by chapter over this great book that will go on my “must have book shelf”, I will close this off with one of the chapters that really helped me see the way that many churches end up in decline and often times have such a hard time getting out of, because of when they do realize it is happening, they are in decline. Pastor Scott tells of how to prevent this and lead through the “Chaos”.

Pastor Scott, thanks so much for sharing these brief nuggets that I have quickly mentioned, and so may more that you have shared in your book, “Steering Through Chaos”.

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