Brilliance determines size of opportunities.

Have you ever taken the time to add up all the activities you do in a typical week? I am amazed by how many people during our coaching times or networking times when I get them to truly write down all those activates come back with 40-50 activities and wonder why they are not focused. With that kind of load you will be too scattered and more prone to interruptions and distractions. But I really enjoy watching them as they experience a change in their activities.

Many people really are surprised by how fragmented their week is. It is from these fragmented people that you hear phrases like – “out of control”, “Stressed out”, and “Overwhelmed” seem to be the common phrases. But, after they are helped to see where all their time is going, where the interruptions come in, how many distractions they really do face on a common day it begins to give them at least an accurate platform to make future decisions of what activities they should and should not say “yes” to.

To figure out what to say yes to you need to determine what activities you do from the list that give you energy. That you do without having to give much effort because they are the things you enjoy the most and give your ministry the most return on. Now figure out in the average week how much time do you spend on these brilliant types of activities? Why are they brilliant? Because they energize you and give the biggest return on your time and energy. Your level of brilliance will determine the size of your opportunities in life.

So for today, find 3 activities on your list of many that you will and should not do. They drain you and slow you down. I am not saying they should not be done but definably not by you. I have read where Rosta Perez was quoted to have said, “When the horse is dead, get off!” Stop beating yourself, there are other options. Release yourself to do those things that are brilliant for you to do. Give yourself the ok to be productive and effective by staying in your sweet spot.

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