Care with some flair (Team Lesson 3 of 3)

These quick Team Lessons (“Wow through your know-how” and “Taking action when you notice”) over the last 2 days have covered some basic ideas like share your know-how for the benefit of the whole and lend a helping hand when you see it needed. Now today we will share yet another basic idea, but this is an area that is very often overlooked and not executed.

Care with some flair. Basically, here is an area where you not only verbally appreciate one another but you find those little ways to go beyond. I have been coaching my students to set aside time everyday to write 3-5 cards to individual team members just to say “I appreciate you.” That is one way to show you care. But what would showing care with some flair look like?

Showing care with flair in our example of writing cards, maybe you would not just send a card but you would include a little PayDay candy bar and a note saying something like: “It was truly a great PayDay when God brought you to our team”.

Basically the whole idea is to not just show care to the team, but to find a way to add that little extra flair. I have a team member who oversees our Midweek Girls ministry named Kimmy. Kimmy is good at listening to people to hear what they like when they have no idea that thy are giving her information. She will then use this information in the future to add some flair. One day I had some people volunteer to work after church on our remodeling. After we all had eaten pizza (which by the way Kimmy and her husband paid for) she handed me a Reese’s peanut butter cup, which is my all time favorite. She had heard at one point how I love them and arranged to have one there that day as a dessert after eating pizza. That spoke volumes to me and that is what adding flair to your care is all about!

Now how can you go and add flair to the ways you show care for your team mates?

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