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Top 20 Improvements I’ve Made Due to Kidology Coaching

kidology coaching coaches

Every weekend our churches are filled with those who have the responsibility of ministering to our children, connecting with and resourcing the parents, equipping those who are also responsible to help reach children and the list of responsibilities just goes on and on.

You may call these wonderful gifts to your churches: Children’s pastors, Children’s directors, Kidmin ministers etc.. With the responsibility that these people carry out many churches have figured out that it is wisdom to make sure they are equipped, developed, trained and ready, to carry out all that they are expected to do with excellence. These expectations and responsibilities have evolved beyond what our colleges are preparing leaders for.

It is this group of children’s pastors that I have had the privilege of being part of for 22+ years. For the last 3-4 years I have also had the privilege of formally coaching those in this group.

Here is a top 20 list that Andy Partington, one of these great children’s pastors have put together as he reflected over his last year of coaching with me before he went into our graduate coaching program.

1) I am seen as a pastor and parental help to the families in my
congregation more and a facilitator of children’s programming less.
2) I have put in place a volunteer training schedule that doesn’t burn
out volunteers while still maintaining growth.
3) I use my time intentionally.
4) I integrate Gospel presentations into each ministry setting.
5) My goals are clearly defined and communicated.
6) I know how to appreciate and affirm my team: My team clearly
knows that they are a special part of our ministry.
7) My meetings are awesome: Each meeting has a purpose and flow.
If it didn’t we wouldn’t have it.
8) I know what the acronym S.M.A.R.T stands for and I now live by it.
9) I know that I can manage tasks instead of time.
10) I know how to present good news and bad news to my fellow
staff members.
11) I now have a ministry team instead of a committee.
12) I now work with leaders instead of workers.
13) I know how to have fun with my staff and with the kids that I
minister too.
14) My “bag of tricks” is open to other people in ministry. What I’ve
learned just could help someone else and I’m glad to share.
15) I delegate. I wasn’t designed to do 100% of tasks. There is 20%
out there with my name on it.
16) My ministry is geared to do that one thing that we were meant to do.
17) I know how to help people find their “one thing”.
18) Multiplication isn’t just for grade school math classes. It’s a regular
process in my ministry.
19) I listen to parents.
20) I know how to learn from anyone I come into contact with.

If you would like to enjoy more growth personally and with your ministry I want to invite you to join coaching or a new avenue that many will find useful as well online training for your team. It’s not just your future that depends on it.

Digital Books are for Common Sense Kids

Common Sense Kids began when 4th grade teacher, Cortney Campbell of Warren T. Jackson Elementary in Atlanta, GA, sought out to motivate her students with a persuasive writing topic she knew they would love. That weekend she had watched the Apple Education Summit and learned for the first time how iPad technology was replacing textbooks in schools. A few days later, as she was teaching her students about Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and the impact he had on American independence, it clicked!

Watch their video, is really is a well put together video that may challenge the status quo thinking.

You can also click on over and find out more about Common Sense Kids here

Failing our kids more ways than one

Watch this video and share your thoughts.

How do you see we may turn these failures around? The panel that Rice and Klein headed made recommendations such as adopting and expanding the common core initiative to include skill sets critical to national security such as science, technology and foreign languages; structural changes to provide students with more choices in where they can go to school, so many students aren’t stuck in under-performing schools; and a national security readiness audit, prepared by governors working with the federal government, that can be used to judge whether schools are meeting national expectations in education.

Here are just a few articles on what the schools in Kansas City, MO have been facing and going through with the loss of accreditation in the school district. Again, I ask what are your thoughts on how we can turn these failures to our children around?

Unlock a new level of your childrens ministry

Padlock Potential

In the book The Attention Revolution—Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind, author B. Alan Wallace explores the potential of a mind practiced in sustained focus. He writes,

“… geniuses of all kinds excel in their capacity for sustained voluntary attention. Just think of the greatest musicians, mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers throughout history–all of them, it seems, have had an extraordinary capacity to focus their attention with a high degree of clarity for long periods of time. A mind settled in such a state of alert equipoise is a fertile ground for the emergence of all kinds of original associations and insights. Might “genius” be a potential we all share–each of us with our own unique capacity for creativity, requiring only the power of sustained attention to unlock it? A focused mind can help bring the creative spark to the surface of consciousness. The mind constantly caught up in one distraction after another, on the other hand, may be forever removed from its creative potential.”

Shut your office door. Turn your email off. Let your phone go to voice mail. Now, commit to yourself that you will focus completely on one children’s ministry project for a set time, like 1 hour. Notice what happens in that hour? Do you work more rapidly? More creatively? With more satisfaction?

Keep this up by killing multitasking. Instead work on one project, then the other. Watch and see the new levels you will unlock in your children’s ministry.

Kidmin Talk-talking about Leaders being readers

I had the privilege yesterday talking with a good friend of mine who is known as the Kidologist and the creator of Kidology, Karl Bastian.

Karl has been running a podcast titled Kidmin Talk where as he describes it is:
A weekly look at the world of children’s ministry, hosted by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist at

Each installment tackles the current buzz in the “kidmin” world, looking at news, publications, resources, and topical conversation, both from Kidology as well as around the globe.

His topic yesterday was on the importance of reading. You can go and check it out, along with the others, right here

Some of the goodies we went over where things like:
Google Reader
Amazon Kindle Notes and Highlights

And many other resources as well. One resource that I forgot to mention on the podcast that I will provide here for you who are reading my blog is: Leaders Book Summaries. This is a resource that I am subscribed to, and for a very low price (actually the price of maybe 3 books of mine), I get 30 book reviews a year. Each summary is 12-15 pages long, then a 2 page summary of the book as well, and more.

Volunteering in America

I can not tell you how many times I hear people say that their church members are not volunteering. Lets take a look at this graphic from Volunteering In America and see what it shows us.

So are you one who is having volunteer struggles? Here are a few questions for you that hopefully you have answers for, and if not I hope you will take the time to get the answers so you can change your volunteer status.

1. How are you connecting your volunteers to the bigger picture?
2. Do they know the true mission that is before them? Is the vision bigger than what you can handle and accomplish with just your current team?
3. Who and what are the most successful churches, businesses and organizations in your area that are doing the best in recruiting and keeping volunteers? Become a student of them, learn from them, see what you can take and apply from them.

Click to view original image.

TagMyDoc a great tool for conferences and more

I have been using TagMyDoc while it has been in beta and I have come to truly love it. Check out this video.

TagMyDoc is a free service that allows you to add a tag to any document so that you can instantly share it with anyone that scans it with a mobile device.

TagMyDoc allows you to add a tag to any document that you have on your computer or device so that when you print it, anyone can scan the tag on the document with their mobile device to download the digital version. It just works in one click with most file formats. It even works with digital documents! I am able to walk up to any computer and scan and go.

So now next time you head off to attend a children’s ministry conference, local children’s pastors network, or do some of your weekly networking, make sure you have loaded on your iPhone this incredibly fast QR reader and you have signed up for the free account.

This is just another great tool that allows me to stay mobile. Check out the other tools as well here and here.

My daily tools used to stay mobile prt 2

In case you have not read my first post on this topic start here first.

Now that you have read the first part here are some more daily tools that I use to stay mobile.

JotNot Pro.
Here is a great app that I can snap a photo of all my receipts and then email them or save them in Evernote or Dropbox and share with my secretary so she can then file them or get me reimbursed. But no longer do i have to go into an office to get this done.
This free app automatically creates rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Note: A Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Xobni for Outlook account is required. or iCloud mail support is coming soon!

Here are some ways you can use Smartr Contacts for your personal and professional life:
– Keep track of all the people you’ve ever communicated with – automatically
– Always know who you’re communicating with photos and recent communication history
– See what’s up with your top contents in the home screen’s social carousel
– Call, email or SMS someone with a single tap
– Stay up to date with updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
– See who you have in common with everyone
– Bring all your contacts together into one place
– Protect your contacts in the cloud, so should you lose your phone, all your contacts are safe and secure

Here is an app that keeps me in the know through video training on numerous subjects. I also provide this for my team as well. So when I am sitting waiting for an appointment I can log into my account and learn the newest photoshop skills, or final cut, or Keynote presentation tips or more. I am constantly being a great steward of my churches time.

TeleNav GPS
3D maps with live traffic flow, turn-by-turn directions with manual rerouting, local search, cheap gas price finder and more. Now with Facebook integration & enhanced map discovery. This keeps me on the road and in the know of where I am going and how to get there.

Do you find yourself searching for paper and pencil to keep track of attendance for your social group? Do you help out with a Bible club and need to track participation? Or, the person every Sunday who tries to keep track of attendance at Sunday School? This app allows me to be away from my church data base and still keep track of who is coming.

There is part 2. Hang in there for part 3 coming your way soon.

My daily tools used to stay mobile

I am amazed at how much my work life has changed over the last few years due to new tools that allow me to stay mobile. I no longer need an office (even though my church does provide me with a nice one that I am grateful for), or not as much need to travel to distant meetings and spend gas money. As I was reflecting these changes and being grateful for the tools, I thought it would be good to share with you what I choose to use and maybe find out what you choose to use.

Here is one tool that I use daily for numerous things from backing up data bases to sharing documents with different groups. My coaching students and I use this to share documents, my volunteers and I use this to share curriculum and service material and so much more.

This has truly become my brain. I have bloged about this in a few places like here, here, here, here, here, here, and even here . As you can see Evernote has truly made an impact into my life and productivity. I would also recommend reading “Evernote for pastors”.

1 Password
With all of the mobile living I do, I have numerous passwords. For remembering all of these passwords, or filling out all the online forms with my info, I truly enjoy 1 Password to do all of this for me.

This tool allows me to conference call with several people at once. I use this every week several times a week talking with all of my Kidology Coaching students. It also allows me to hold trainings on the go as well.

SugarSync is a service that enables you to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and devices. It enables you to backup, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies so that you can access them from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or any other device.

Pages, Keynote, Numbers.
There’s iWork for Mac and iWork for iOS. And they’re designed to be compatible. So you can create a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on one device and edit it on another. I can write documents on the fly, create a presentation for training a group of leaders, or even create a service with all my videos and countdowns with Keynote.

Google Reader, Mashable, Flipboard, Zite.
I use all of these to stay in touch with what is going on in my fields of interest around the world. I no longer need to buy magazines when I use these free resources because there is always someone out there who is blogging or writing something about every article that is in any magazine that I could have ordered.

Here is the end of part 1 of my daily tools I use to stay mobile. Hopefully you can find some that will be of use to you. I will continue this list in future post as well seeing that I have a few favorites that I use everyday.

So, do you have any favorites?

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