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My ministry day with my iPhone

I still get amazed what we can accomplish today with just our phones. 

Today, I’m going to take us on a brief trip of my day in ministry with just using my iPhone. 

  • Started the day off with using my Bible (YouVersion). 
  • After that I went into my weather app to see what kind of weather I was going to get today. 
  • Easily.Do to check for birthdays and send out text or email cards to them. Also get to see the status of all my packages coming and going. Then get a quick overview of trending Instagram pictures from my friend and the Instagram community. One of the last nice things I enjoy about Easily.Do is it gives me an update of any emails I need to respond to. 
  • Next I move into Trello to check on all my group projects. This handles all my project management. 
  • Throughout the day I am in and out of Evernote. It serves as my electronic brain. 
  • Dropbox is the same with me going in and out all day long as it is my sharing tool with others. 

I am amazed at all that I can and do with my iPhone daily. The apps mentioned are just a couple that I use first thing in the morning. This post would turn into one very long list of I was to mention everything that I use. Even this post was made on my iPhone.

What apps do you find the most valuable to your day? 

Ministry lessons learned from Undercover boss.

UndercoverBoss 796x448

Undercover Boss is one of those shows that I learn a lot more from than even the show thinks people take away from it.

I watch them early in the morning because I tivo them. I am the big nut for them and not the rest of the family. I was watching one and the usual lessons and tears started.

The format of the show goes with the boss going into disguise and visiting their employees. They learn a ton and hear a ton and then go back and change out of disguise. Then the meeting happens and the tears start for me.

Tears? Yes, tears. I tear up when the boss meets those he was under disguise around and share how they affected his life. Then he dishes out great benefits to those workers that change their lives forever. Gifts ranging from money, vacations, kids college starter money, cars and so much more.

The show ends with a caption at the end that says..”In the weeks following”..then it tells you what the employee has done since meeting the boss and getting their gifts. May not sound like it but it really can be a tear jerker.

Some quick thoughts I think about applying to my ministry, personal devotional life with Jesus.

1. What would truly be learned from me through my witness if Jesus would show up in my life as an Undercover Boss? Would I be loyal? Complain? Be grateful?

2. Do I see that I have an opportunity to speak to the Boss every day without waiting for him to show up undercover?

3. Do I recognize the gifts that He does give me and already has given me?

4. Am I as thankful to Him as those who receive from the Undercover Boss?

5. After my time spent with Him in prayer, what would be able to be said of the minutes since? Weeks since? Years since?

Made 2015 Top 100 Kidmin blogs

computer showing stats

I was honored to find out that my blog made it into the top 100 Kidmin blogs for yet another year. This year, though, we climbed to #38 which is a little higher thanks to all of you who faithfully read my blog.

top children's ministry blogs

There’s a tool that was added to the list this year that I think is an ingenious idea and a great resource to those in KidMin and other ministries. It’s a custom google search engine to search the Top 100 Blogs in the list! Find out what our blogs are saying about volunteering, training etc. Enter your word and search.

GO HERE to check it out. I searched several of my favorite topics. My search on Training pulled up 10 pages of blog posts.

Dispatch a great tool for ministry

Dispatch Nov 2015

Allow me to share with you a fantastic tool that comes from INCM called Dispatch.

Dispatch is a curated selection of some of the latest ideas and products for children’s ministry leaders. It comes packed to the rim of the box and makes you feel like it is Christmas all year round.

Here are just a few of the items that came in this last box:
The Gospel Truth about children’s Ministry
7 Family Ministry Essentials
Strong in me CD

and so much more.

What are you waiting for, go now and get your box of goodies.

Dangerous and Risky and will make you…


Dangerous and Risky and will make you AWARE!!

There was a show on a few back called, “The Masked Magician”. This show caused a lot of stir in the magician circles because the whole show was a “masked magician” would show the secrets to a lot of tricks. These were not some small pull a silk from what was once my empty hand, but more like cutting a person in half, disappearing from a chained up trunk and more. Tricks that were still being performed and providing the bread and butter for many magicians families.

Through this show, many people began to understand what was a mystery to them at one time. It put on the minds of many who never thought about this stuff before but were now pulled into a new knowledge. The purpose that the masked magician said he wanted to accomplish was only to try to raise the bar of what Magicians would do. He was tired of people doing the same illusions for all these years.

The motive was good, but I’m not sure it was accomplished in the best of ways. The same is true in my opinion when we post well-meaning articles like this one:

It is understood that we want parents to be aware of apps out there that may not be the best for kids of different ages. But, we may also have a “masked Magician” type effect taking place as well. Putting titles and info like this one out there in an area that people of all ages read and visit may be doing just the opposite of the intended purpose. Now it may be putting it in front of kids who had no idea of these apps but now are made aware. Then they will go and explore them, just like many did when the secrets were told of illusions being performed.

Is there a better way? Thoughts?

Summer Camps 2015

I am sitting here in the “Church/Chapel” area of where the kids services take place every night here at our 2015 Open Bible Church Camp. This year the theme is “Obey Your Thirst” and a friend of mine who I have known for years through networking but never in person until now, Jerry Moyer of the Jubilee Gang, has answered my request to come and do our camp this year. They are doing great and it is such an honor to have them ministering here. Every night the altars are full and God is moving in the lives of these kids. Last night, the kids started coming forward before he even gave the altar call, that was pretty cool.

I will include some links and pictures in this post and invite you to follow them and see what God is up to at this year’s Camp.

Here is when we preached at JCC’s Family service camp and we had dads play games with their kids. This is the PJ stuff.

DC PJ stuff 2

Here is the other dad who competed.

DC PJ stuff

Here is a pano of part of Wildwood Hills Ranch where we hold camp.

Wildwood Hills camp ground pano

Josiah going swimming
Josiah going swimming

Purple team practicing team cheer
Purple team practicing cheer

For me, this year was very busy but full of great life lessons. I will post more as time goes on and I get back home from all the camps where my internet connection is stronger. But for now, my greatest take away is that if the kids have someone loving on them and caring for them, they can and will do great things.

D6Days Open Live stream notes 2015

D6 Days logo

Here are some of my brief notes from just the two opening speakers of the D6Days. I must admit that I am so thrilled to see so many ministries starting to give some type of free goodies like this. Thanks to D6 and their generosity toward many of us who may not have been able to get to you. I can tell you that your generosity has potentially helped you in securing my attendance Sept. 16-18, 2015

Here is the run down of speakers for the next day on May 7th, 2015:

Session 3: 9 AM (CST)

“Fighting Disillusionment in the Church”
– Sarah Cunningham

“Social Media, Technology, & the Family”
– Brian Housman

“Avoiding the 6 Major Dysfunctions Parents Face”
– Michelle Anthony

“How to Train Your Volunteers to Serve Parents”
– Ryan Frank

“The Gift of Ritual”
– Sarah Cunningham

“A ‘Pitcher’ of the Source in Marriage”
– Ted Cunningham

Session 4: 1 PM (CST)

“Breaking out of the Family Crazy Cycle”
– Emerson Eggerichs

“Creating a Safe Environment Parents Can Trust”
– Heidi Hensley

“The Younger Generation in the History of Revival”
– Richard Ross

“The Doctrine Behind Family Ministry”
– Timothy Paul Jones

“The Value of Real-Life Connection”
– Lydia Randall

“The Power of Parents”
– Yancey Arrington

Again, D6 thanks, here is looking forward to seeing everyone jump on tomorrow for the last day.

Meet The #OC15 Blogging Team | Orange Leaders

Source: Meet The #OC15 Blogging Team | Orange Leaders

Orange Conference 2015 will be starting soon. If you want to get to know some new and old bloggers alike that will be covering all things Orange, then click on the source link above.

Make sure you have downloaded the app as well to take in the live streaming for those of us who can’t be there in person.

Here is a quick snapshot of those who will be covering #OC15 if you have had a real hard day and clicking on the source link above is more than what you have in you at this time.

Children’s Ministry

Jenny Funderburke, @jen_funderburke and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jonathan Cliff, @jonathancliff and
Kenny Conley, @kennyconley and
Matt Norman, @kidminmatt and It’
Tom Bump, @ptbump and (will be blogging during OC15)
Yancy Richmond, @yancynotnancy and

Middle School Ministry

Elle Campbell, @ellllllllllle and (will be blogging during OC15)
JC Thompson, @jcisonline and (will be blogging during OC15)

Youth Ministry

Aaron Buer, @aaron_buer and
Ben Read, @benjaminread and (will be blogging during OC15)
Chris Parker, @ChrisParker0 and (will be blogging during OC15)
Elle Campbell, @ellllllllllle and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jeremy Zach, @jeremyzach and
Jonathan Cliff, @jonathancliff and
Michael Bayne, @michael_bayne and (will be blogging during OC15)
Ryan Reed, @ryanreedme and (will be blogging during OC15)
Terrace Crawford, @terracecrawford and (will be blogging during OC15)

NextGen / Family Ministry

Frank Bealer, @fbealer and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jessica Bealer, @jessicabealer and (will be blogging during OC15)
Joe McAlpine, @joemcalpine and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jonathan Cliff, @jonathancliff and
Michael Bayne, @michael_bayne and (will be blogging during OC15)
Nick Blevins, @nickblevins and (will be blogging during OC15)
Pat Rowland, @pdrowland and
Ryan Reed, @ryanreedme and (will be blogging during OC15)


Brian Dodd, @briankdodd and (will be blogging during OC15)
Dexter Culbreath, @dextext and
Frank Bealer, @fbealer and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jessica Bealer, @jessicabealer and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jonathan Cliff, @jonathancliff and
Matt McKee, @mattmckee and (will be blogging during OC15)
Nick Blevins, @nickblevins and (will be blogging during OC15)
Pat Rowland, @pdrowland and
Rob Cizek, @RobCizek and (will be blogging during OC15)
Ryan Reed, @ryanreedme and (will be blogging during OC15)
Tom Bump, @ptbump and (will be blogging during OC15)


Jenny Funderburke, @jen_funderburke and (will be blogging during OC15)
Jonathan Cliff, @jonathancliff and
Pat Rowland, @pdrowland and
Tom Bump, @ptbump and (will be blogging during OC15)


Matt McKee, @mattmckee and (will be blogging during OC15)

Church Staffing

The Minister Search Team, @ministersearch1 and Minister Search Blog

Jump Start 3 and Dispatch getting it done!


Ever have one of those weeks where a few times the same recommendation to look at some resource comes along for you to check out? I had one of those times and I am extremely grateful. Here is how it happened.

We just had Heavens Gates and Hells Flames at my church and just stood in awe of what God was accomplishing during these 3 nights. The nights ended and the follow-up had to begin. I was asking myself what would be a great resource to put in the hands of every visitor and person who had come to accept the free gift of salvation, so I started to ask around to get some ideas. I, of course, turned to one of my great friends Karl Bastian.

The adventure begins!

Jump Start 3 and I were introduced to one another by Karl. I soon found out how valuable of a connection this was going to be as they begin to share with me their desire to put the word of God into the hands of everyone they can. So we quickly snatched up a case of 150 CD’s to give out to those from Heavens Gates and Hells flames with the idea we would also use any left over ones for our Easter Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt as well which is now only a couple of days away.

The mailing of the CD’s begin!

Into every hand of those who came to these 2 events we just finished having, the CD’s were being sent out. Not soon afterwards, I get a couple calls at the church thanking us for giving the CD’s out. I begin to play it as well on our iPod that controls our music which we play all the time in the kids wing halls and now parents are thanking me for the Jump Start 3 music teaching their kids. So I see this great thing starting to happen and decide to try one more avenue with the few CD’s I have left. We start to put them into the bags that we give out to the visiting families. Bam! That becomes a success as well.

Now Dispatch box comes and I’m to review Jump Start 3 sample of their DVD.

Can it get any better? I don’t think so. I dig into the sample right away and again am so impressed with the songs and quality video. It comes full of a tutorial with the actions, then the song done with actions, then the live version with no person or actions just a modern music video.

Closing this off allow me to make mention of some key lessons that God had reminded me of through all of this.

1. In ministry, your relationships are some of the best resources. Thanks, Karl, JumpStart3, Matt Guevara

2. If you can find a resource like Dispatch that is delivering you resources that you personally know are great, then it would only be wisdom to stay plugged into those resources like Dispatch.

What are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to Dispatch and start listening to Jump Start 3.

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