Cave, Committed and Compliant

It’s not new news to anyone who knows me that I love leadership and teamwork. I’m always around people who are dripping with an overflow of ideas, vision, and goals that they are trying to create buy in for and doing their best to drive and guide people towards those clear and meaningful goals. Yet, in talking with the majority of people it appears that whenever there is failure to live up to all of this it is not some external circumstance, but it is simply failure of follow through.

No follow through will result in no long term traction. It is my observation that it is wise to make sure you have a few things going to see success on teams. I believe there are a few helpful things in order to get follow through when working with a team.

1. The need to create momentum early by establishing goals that are meaningful and a known and owned process that makes sense.

2. Understanding the cast of characters we are working with. How do we activate them to invest time on what we are doing?

3. Need to create an environment where the team members are not accountable to just the leader, but to the team. I think this helps to make the accomplishment of the goals team based and not so much leader down time intensive.

I had seen a little piece by Laurence Haughton who speaks on teams performance and follow through and who has written: “It’s not what you say… It’s what you do-How follow through at every level can make or break your company”, where he warns about the dangers of who he calls the “CAVE People”. CAVE people are those Citizens Against Virtually Everything. So to create quick success and momentum I think that you will want to keep the CAVE people away.

Now that you have the CAVE people chained up and kept away you need to see what two areas the rest of your team would fall into: COMMITTED or COMPLIANT.

Committed people are driven by the goals at hand. The have caught the passion, they are curious, and they want responsibility.

Compliant people are just going through the motions. These are people who are there physically but it doesn’t appear that they have their hearts and minds into it. These people don’t contribute new ideas or support the old ones with enthusiasm.

Once you have the CAVE people chained up and your list of committed and compliant, begin to build early successes with the committed and show this success back to those who are only compliant. Many compliant people can be swayed easily once shown success.

Last idea is to make sure that with every success you highlight it and celebrate it loudly. Make sure you always showing how people can play an important role in creating more success. I believe that following through with this simple process will show you in part the success you are looking for.

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