Century Turns book review

This is the first book of William Bennett’s that I have read and at the time of choosing this book I found myself doing so with great hesitation. The reason is I am not the student of history I probably should be and so I figured this book would feel like I was always reading over my head. I could not have been more wrong. I found it very enjoyable from his point of view on events that have heavily impacted and changed the current and future outlooks on our country and world.

If you like history, then I cannot imagine you disagreeing with the conclusion that this is a great book. If you are like me, you will read this and find yourself reminiscing as you think about where you were when these moments were taking place. I didn’t realize at the time how after Bush’s soaring popularity in the post 9/11 events would diminish and have him leave office as one of the most unpopular presidents (according to so-called “approval ratings” and because of the heavily biased attacks of the media). Who would have imagined that when Jesse Jackson ran for president in 1998 that 20 years later, a man with African-American background would be elected and sworn in. Reading through the pages of A Century Turns is a gentle reminder that while history is prologue, the making of it occurs in what we all may see as everyday events but are never as insignificant as we may see them at the time.

William Bennett as he takes a look at the last 20 years contends that this is a vital part of American history and one that saw some of the greatest changes in our history. It was through his well written and very reminiscent ways of calling back the past events that brings me to now agree with him. The sub title that has been added to his book, new hopes and new fears, captures that sentiment. This is not a complete or exhaustive history of the past 20 years, but again Bennett does a masterful job in capturing some of the events that most greatly affected the U. S.

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