Children’s Pastors Are Middle-Managers

Children’s pastors are middle managers. They perform this function as a buffer between senior management, that is, the senior pastoral leadership, and the paid and volunteer children’s ministry staff members. It is a fine balance we live in as managers of one of the support ministries in the church. We serve our senior pastors like armor bearers, working steadily to bring about what God has put in their hearts. We also are charged to oversee (lead) the wellness of a department which typically has a larger volunteer base than any other ministry in the church. We are truly managers in the middle.

A strategic role of a middle manager is not simply to execute the strategies communicated by our senior pastors, but also to supplement them with our own creative ideas, initiatives, and inventions, driven by our first-hand knowledge of developments of other ministries and businesses which work with children and families.

This is what each of us who are children’s pastors get to face. It is reality that we live everyday. It is not easy and not many can make it through to the end. Those who realize this and make it through will prove to be a great asset to the Kingdom of God as we help steer our churches through many opportunities.

The bottom line is: it is never just about doing the same old stuff better, but also about creating the new. How are you adding value to your church, your pastor, and the people you serve? How well are you living as a middle manager?

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