Better Children’s Ministry, Capture Everything


Think about this title a little before you may discount it.

Having a better children’s ministry means what to you?
– More volunteers?
– More finances?
– Better technology/toys?
– Better facilities?
– More commitment from people?
– More time?

What do you need that will give you a better children’s ministry than you have now? I want to suggest that it will involve ideas, or resources that you have already captured and need to carry out or it will be ones that are still to be captured for use in your children’s ministry improvement.

This is why I think it is wisdom to decide what is your system for capturing ideas, resources etc..

I use Evernote to capture everything. I scan everything into Evernote, voice notes, web pages clipped, pictures, you name it, I will send it to Evernote. This makes it easy for me to retrieve anything I need to.

I need more volunteers? I go to Evernote and pull everything I have ever captured about getting volunteers, how to recruit, treat volunteers, structure of volunteers etc.

I need more resources/finances for my children’s ministry? I go to Evernote and pull up everything that has been captured on getting resources, structuring ministry for best use of finances, info graphic pictures, and more.

So there you go. You want a Better Children’s Ministry? Create a great process for capturing everything. So no great resource ever gets lost or forgotten. I again suggest Evernote to be that capturing tool.

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