Children’s Ministry is not for the faint of heart


I’m being challenged by God to think through do I still tackle ministry with the same hunger and edge that I did when I started into the ministry. As I look around to some of us that may not be considered the young guns in children’s ministry anymore, I find that time has often started taken its toll on many of us.

Why is it so hard to stay in children’s ministry and keep your edge and hunger? Some of my findings are that many have learned to keep things where they are not terrible but they are not buzz worthy either.

Here are some possible reasons buzz worthy children’s ministry can prove difficult:

You run the largest group of people in the church being served.

You oversee the greatest physical, social, emotional, and mental developmental span of any ministry in the church (babies through preteen)

You are required to train the most specific and varied volunteer ministry in the church (because of the developmental range and varied ministry requirements within that range)

You most likely run the largest group of volunteers to lead and manage

You will have the largest amount of weekly “maintenance” (everything from cleaning nursery toys to picking up teaching supplies to managing multiple environments)

You must be diverse in using and knowing the greatest amount of teaching material (varied curricula to meet developmental needs, object lessons, crafts, supplies, etc.)

Your role as a pastor remains perhaps the least understood or appreciated pastoral level position in the church, as reflected in the fact that it is typically the lowest paid “leadership” position on the staff

You are expected to spend as much time (or more) investing, ministering, praying for and building into other adult leaders as you do kids.

You need to know the latest and greatest technology available to keep up with the kids and to be able to educate the parents in what their kids are talking about.

You must be a strong problem solver and can push through the most difficult problems seeing that you are setting an example for the most impressionable minds in the church.

You must have a strong understanding of the Bible and theology.

You will continue to be a student of culture and not come across as someone who is trying to fit in, but actually does fit in and understands those in the culture.

You must be a master communicator for ages birth to death. Your comfortable talking to a room full of adults as you are speaking to a room full of kids.

You will not usually end up with paid staff, part-time or full-time, helping you like other departments may get. Instead, you have to use 100% volunteers.

These are but a few reasons Children’s Ministry is not for the faint of heart. These are also the reasons why children’s pastors or those overseeing children’s ministries need to be prayed up everyday as we hit the battle field. What an honor to be trusted with so much!

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