Children’s Ministry sites to check out

Over at Growing Kids Ministry Lindsey makes mention on how she was surprised when I wrote of reading about a new site that I had not known about until I had read it on her blog.

“I’m fairly new to the Children’s Ministry online world, so I was surprised when Todd McKeever, a fellow Ministry Blogger and author of iTodd said I knew about a site he didn’t! I realized, we all have different ways of browsing the net and it’s easy to overlook some great resources…”

After reading this it started me thinking. We usually draw our resources from one certain direction. This is most likely the reason you can meet people who have never heard of those that you may classify as a “Great” in children’s ministry.

So here is your opportunity to share with everyone who are your “Greats” or “Go To” bloggers or resources that you are finding in this season of your ministry.

Just a few of mine that are not mentioned already in Lindsey’s Blog;

Karl Bastian

Dan Scott

Free CM Stuff

Gina McClain

Glen Woods

Barney Kinard

I could easily keep going but will stop here. Which ones would you add to Lindsey’s list or this one here?

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