Clarity equals Simplicity

Through my God given privilege of serving as a Kidology Coach, I get the opportunity to help assist many children’s leaders to clear up and simplify things that have been slowing them down or hindering them from being everything they feel God has for them. Sometimes it is as basic as helping them to see how: “Clarity is the ability of the process to be communicated and understood by the people”. Bottom line on this is that the people and the leadership should know exactly how the ministry is structured to move people toward spiritual maturity.

Understanding always precedes commitment.

If people are to embrace and participate in their ministry process, they must be able to understand and internalize it. To internalize the process, they must first grasp it. Clarity is then absolutely essential!

A lack of clarity ultimately leads to confusion and complexity because there is no coherent direction. When there is no direction, people will assume a direction or invent one, which then causes ministries to move aimlessly off course.

Here are some starter questions I suggest the protégées to ask themselves and find their answers to:

1. Do you feel that people are creating their own directions?

2. Do you feel that you do not have the best support of the people in accomplishing what you feel God wants to do in your church?

3. Do you ever feel that people are not growing the way you feel they should, but you feel you are being faithful in teaching and preaching?

Depending on their answers we may look to see if they are having a clarity problem. Maybe you don’t have a well-defined process set up for moving people toward spiritual maturity? Maybe you do have a process but it is not really known by your people or the leaders in your church? Maybe it is too complex of a process? Maybe it is to busy of a process or it is to scattered?

Check your Clarity out with others in your church, not just with you and your spouse.

Look at everything you have in print and make sure it all says the same message, shows the same direction, and are very clean and simple. Set up times to speak with your workers and ask them if they are clear in why you do what you do and if they are clear in what you do and how you do it. Ask the kids in your ministry and ask them the same questions.

You may find that if left to yourself you can unknowingly make things very complex. You can allow everything from too many different ministries taking place, to the many different announcements you allow to be broadcast, and more, will make your process to complex and you will lose your clarity and simplicity.

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