Cleaning House and Making Some Productivity Adjustments


I want to share two things that I have recently done that has truly made a huge impact into my productivity and personal sanity.

Cleaned out blog reader.
I was following 500+ blogs or at lease had that many clogging up my feeder. So I decided to go through them and ask myself how much if any has each one of them contributed to my development? Spiritual, Ministry, Personal, Leadership etc? If I did not have a great answer for any one of them, then I cut it.

I am glad to report that I am now down to just a little over 300 and feel I want that to go down more still. For some reason for me I feel if I can trim this reading list to around 100, that will be my sweet spot.

Slowed down email being retrieved.
I have known for a long time to turn off all my email alerts, banners on my iPhone etc to help me stay focused and productive. But just today, I have had the guts to set my retrieved rate from all the time to only coming in every 2 hours. That’s right, I am allowing technology again to work for me and retrieve my email from all my accounts every 2 hours and that is it.

So in my day, I am scheduling that time as the time I get to stand up and walk around while answering emails. It does the body good to have that break and get some movement on. I am also seeing that getting the emails that often is not hurting me or anyone else. And for those of you who think that by sending me an email that tells me I need to look at it right away and get back with you, I am. Ot moved to action that way. I have decided that outside of my wife and my Pastor, I don’t need to be rushed by anyone else’s schedule or time limits.

There you go, those are the 2 adjustments I have made that are already. Paying off huge for me. What adjustments have you made that are contributing to more effectiveness in your day?

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