Cloak a great tool for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad


I have started to use a great new tool on all of my devices from my iPhone, MacBook Pro and now on my new iPad, the tool is called Cloak.

What is cloak? Cloak is a service for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad that keeps you safe when you’re connected to public wireless networks like those found at coffee shops, hotels, airports, and conferences.

With Cloak, safety is just a click away. Here’s why:
– No setup or configuration: it just works.
– Automatically detects insecure networks and keeps you safe.
– Rock-solid, industry standard encryption technologies.
– Protects all your apps, not just your web browser.
– Supports all your Apple devices, not just your laptop.

So, if you find yourself spending time using public wifi then why take a chance of someone snatching up your private info when protecting yourself is so easy and economical – Free.**

**there is a paid version as well if you are heavy on the amount of data you consume while on wifi, but that is even cheap.

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