Collaborate Book Review

Collaborate book by Michael Chanley was as a good friend of mine Karl Bastian said: “..what I’d call a family ministry conference on paper that you can attend at your leisure”. This is exactly what the book that is made up of 35 different ministers, teachers, leaders and thinkers of all different backgrounds provided for me.

There were several things that throughout this book were either new or reinforced current thoughts and feelings of mine. I am not wanting to rewrite the book again so I will limit my thoughts down to just a few. The first and foremost anyone who has accomplished anything great has done so with the help of others, which means they have had to collaborate. It is great that the church is on a journey of collaborating within and even outside of itself. One of the main points throughout the book is simply it is time to collaborate through practical ways and connect what we do at church with the home, supporting parents in their quest to take their responsibility for the spiritual formation of their children.

Obviously with 35 different contributors it would take too long to try and discuss the various take away points that I enjoyed in this book. But I will attempt to give a few.

Gina McClain page 56 – “We can continue to equip parents with tools and resources to help them lead & develop their child spiritually, but if they lack the right vision for their child, the tools will be viewed as having little value and will go unused. It’s critical that we capture parents’ attention and set them on a path toward a God-sized vision for their family.”

Jeremy Hall page 71 – “Have you noticed that our world has set benchmarks for every age concerning height, weight, intelligence and how emotionally adjusted people should be? But what about the bench marks that tell us where our children should be spiritually?” I enjoyed this question because Jeremy and his wife are exploring the question my wife and I have been on for years. This question is the exact reason we set up like schools have with their parent teacher conferences, pastor parent conferences.

Justyn Smith page 97-101 – Simply put, this is a chapter that Justyn ads in a new idea for me about bands and a ranking system the kids’ work through that could and should easily involve the parents.

Basically, I could continue to share stuff I enjoyed from the book, but I feel I would be a better friend to you if I just simply recommended that you go and get this book. I am glad that books like this are beginning to come out and pray that this and the ones out so far are not the end but the beginning of what we are to see.

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