Common Mistakes When Communicating Expectations

There are several ways to share with your teams the expectations of “Why” something needs to be done, “What” it is exactly that needs to be done, and lastly “When” it needs to be done. Today I will cover common mistakes when communicating the Why, What, and When.

1. Failing to form an expectation clearly yourself before communicating it to others.

2. Barking out “marching orders” without making your directions clear enough that people fully understand and accept them.

3. Assuming people only need one explanation in order to understand what you expect them to deliver.

4. Excluding any explanation about why you want something done within a specific time frame.

5. Asking people to do something, but not clearly explaining when you need it done.

6. Failing to describe the resources available to do what you have asked them to do.

7. Issuing such specific instructions about what to do and how to do it, that people hesitate to “own it” themselves and think outside of the box to ensure the result.

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