Connecting the dots by Steve Jobs

Just a little speech from Steve Jobs at a 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

Often times the events we all go through may not make sense at the time, but, the dots will be connected eventually. Now, I am not using this video as a testimony of where Jobs stands with God, but, I am using it as it was inspirational to me as I could relate it back to my walk with God.

Trust God as the dots are being connected even if we can’t see how it can happen. God has plans for all of us.

Find what I enjoy and don’t settle. As I do what I enjoy and who God made and created in me then as tough times happen, with Gods help I will make it through in a more enjoyable way. If we have to go through hard times why not go through them with God and while doing what we enjoy and brings us joy. For me that is being a child of God, a husband, a dad and a children’s pastor.

Death is the single one thing that we will all face. Make sure you have prepared for it here on earth and after earth. Jesus is the only way to heaven!

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