Connection in 30 seconds

When I came to know Christ I had what some have called a very strange desire. I use to love to ride on elevators in high-rise buildings that would fill with people that in my opinion were for the purpose of presenting what I called “Elevator Gospel.” This “elevator Gospel” would be engaging, and an attention-grabbing message that would share the message of Christ with those on the elevator before we would reach their floor and they would get off. If they wanted what I had shared with them I had a business card that looked like an elevator that had contact information on. They could use this card to call me and I would share more with them. Now before I go any further, I am not saying this was the most effective idea to run with, but all I knew then was that I wanted to do something to help others know the One who helped me to feel the way I did.

One of the many lessons I learned from this was the key to a 30 second elevator commercial is the word “engagement”. Can you figure out how to engage another person in 30 seconds that they will be interested in conversing with you further? I have found that after 30 seconds is up, you’ll pretty much know whether they are engaged or not by the way they respond.

Basically, I am not really talking about going out to run with elevator messages. What I am challenging us to think through is how well do we connect with others? How effective are we in connecting with families? Creating hunger so people want more.

To read more on what is an Elevator Pitch click on this LINK.

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