Could you be your own worse enemy?


What habits do you have with your speech? Time? What you listen to? Where you go? Who you hang out with? Why should you be concerned with these answers for yourself? Because…

You are your habits.

One habit I have been mentored in is spending time a couple times a day is to record down throughout the day what do I do automatically. What am I repeating? Eat the same breakfast everyday, visit the same coffee shop, start my day the same, check emails each day at the same time, or take the same route to work each day etc.. You get the idea.

Once you know what you do automatically, ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. What can I cut out?
2. What do I keep on doing?
3. What can I delegate?

A lot of what you do can’t be cut out, so you don’t cut it out. But there could be some items on your list that could like for example, Scheduling breakfast appointments to only spend another time eating breakfast. Instead cut out eating breakfast at home then going to your breakfast appointment. Eat breakfast at your breakfast appointment. This may sound like a no brainer but I use to eat before my appointments in order to help me stay focused and able to talk freely at my breakfast appointments. Now I do it all at the appointments and have saved myself some time. This may not be yours but I am sure you may have some if you gave it some thought.

The question of What do you keep on doing? This is not really to stop doing all together but maybe there are some things you are doing that you could do less. Example: I use to go to Starbucks every day but Thursday. This is something that maybe I could start doing only 3 days a week which would save me the time I would normally spend there for the 3 extra days that I just cut out. Maybe you are a habitual email checker? Instead of checking it every time you get an email, turn all your alerts off and check it 3 designated times a day only.

Lastly, answering what can you delegate? Often times, our days become very bloated because we have not learned to delegate properly. Look over what you have recorded that you do and see what could really be done by someone else. Can someone else photocopy for you? Make some calls for you? Run those errands? The list goes on.

If you will learn to make asking yourself these questions, you can move from being your own worse enemy to becoming your greatest asset.

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