Create Momentum in Children’s Ministry

Progress with a snail

I have seen when a company, a sports team, even a children’s ministry puts into effect some common elements that there is some natural momentum that is created which enables uncommon things to be accomplished.

Here are some of those elements that I have observed that help create this momentum.

1. Prayer and fasting. I know, duh. This remains in my observation the biggest, single most missed out ingredient. If this was to be implemented and nothing else that follows, incredible things would still take place and again without this single step, no incredible thing will last.

2. Visionary leadership. To many children’s pastors lead from someone else’s vision. They attend a conference and hear a vision or two and come back and try to live that vision out for their ministry. I again think this is the result of not doing the previous element of Prayer and Fasting.

3. Connection to the larger picture. It is great when that moment happens and you have done all the leg work and knee work (prayer), where you know where you are to this ministry you are in-trusted with. You begin to share that (visionary leadership) and people get excited and jump on board. Over time, their excitement dwindles. It dwindles partly because you are not doing a good job of connecting them to the big picture. Always find ways to share what they are doing is BIG and helps because….connection to the big picture. Share victories with your team as well.

4. Right timing. This is one I probably struggle with the most. Sometimes I will introduce an item and it falls flat so I throw it away instead of file it for later. Sometimes the ideas are just a little ahead of their time.

5. The Leader has…
* Humility. No lone rangers! If something fails the leader takes the blame. If something succeed the leader gives the team the credit.
* A holy unrest about the current atmosphere. Changes never happen until the discomfort of the current causes a desire and awareness to change.
* Confession of sin. The heart must be right.
* A calling. In the hard times the only thing that allows the leader to keep on going is an assurance of their calling.

These were only 5 elements that in my opinion will be in place for true momentum to take place.

How are you doing with these five?

Which one or ones do you struggle with the most and why?

What other elements would you add that contribute to momentum being built?

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