Credit Card Childrens Ministry

Just read this from Sam Luce which made me think about a pastoral team meeting that we had here at my church a few weeks ago.

The discussion in this team meeting was how many of us as we travel around and attend several types of conferences, and network with a variety of communicators there seems to be a large population of those who are building a following but not their own ministry at home. As Sam states – “One of the things that concerns me with the advent of twitter and facebook is that people can gain a platform and become an expert without ever having built anything”.

My Pastor used the term “Credit Card Ministry” (a plastic, fake, get it now and try to pay later) ministry. This type has a great twitter feed, Facebook account, YouTube channel etc but if you would visit them on a Sunday the picture would be completely different from all their CD’s, and seminar notes.

Sam listed some thoughts at the end of his blog addressing young leaders. I think we should broaden the scope of who needs to pay attention to this list and just simply include everyone. Here is the list.

1. Build the church not a following
2. Deflect praise and Give Glory to God for everything
3. Ask more questions than you answer
4. Don’t build a platform build the Kingdom
5. Preach the Gospel no matter the cost.

One more I would like to add:
6. Be honest, because the One who really keeps the books already knows the truth.

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