Cut The Bull: Where’s Your True Passion


A leader who is not passionately committed to a cause will not draw much commitment from others. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, who was passionately drawn to his dream of equal rights for all people regardless of their race or color, I am passionate for family ministry and developing children leaders to carry on for generations to come. This is a passion that not only employs me but one that I would do even if not paid. It keeps me awake at night turning around ideas of “what next can I do?”, or watching television and seeing shows from an angle of “how can I use this idea to further children’s/family ministry?” The world tends to make a way for someone who knows what they want because there’s not much competition when it comes to passionate commitment. Jesus said that it is better to be hot as fire or cold as ice because if you are lukewarm God will spit you out (Revelation 3:15-16).

Jesus had passion. He was willing to proceed alone if needed. Often he did. It was the price he paid for his commitment. I discovered one of my favorite examples of passion and true commitment in a memorable sermon titled “Cut the Bull.” Here is the story of Elijah challenging the prophets of Ba’al and their idols. Elijah told the non-believers that he would prove there was only one God by asking God to rain down fire from heaven to consume the bull sacrifice.

Talk about passion. Elijah really did cut the bull and laid it all on the line. He was passionate about his Lord God and was willing to lay it all down. Where does your passion lay? Have you cut the “Bull” and gone all out for those things you say you are passionate about? Can the people see that you are passionate?

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