Dads we need you

Saw this video from Tony Dungy talking briefly about the importance of dads. Challenging dads to be there, to show up even if you never had that in your life. Dads need to pass on the importance of the role of being a dad. Check out this video and then see my challenge after it.

My Challenge: Dads I challenge you to show up in the lives of your children, of your wife, in the life of your church and not just in the ‘easier roles’ but get in there into the servant leadership roles, volunteer in the children’s ministries where the presence of men is extremely absent and thank yous can be rare but the rewards are extremely high. Maybe you did not have this in your life, then it is time to break the pattern and you are just the dad to do it! Find yourself a dad mentor and then turn around and be a dad mentor to others.

God is calling you to ‘report for duty’ and stop being a dad M.I.A.. To many people need you.

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