Deadline Discipline will help you to deliver


I have always enjoyed studying task management for as long as I can remember. I use task management as a big part of my coaching with my students as well, because if I can help them manage their task they will be much more efficient in accomplishing all that they want to. With accomplishing more of what they want to they will experience more joy that is specific to them and their desires.

I do use a few different tools and techniques to assist them in accomplishing better task management, and one of the very simple ones is basically helping them to develop the habit of ‘setting deadlines’ for everything. If it is important enough to do it then it must be important enough to schedule it. If you schedule something you can not just add it to the calendar but you need to add a completion date or finish time as well.

No more:
– I will read my Bible sometime today
– I will spend time with my family
– I will read this book or that that one
– I will run errands for preparation for the weekend… You get the idea.

With each task you have a start and end time. But here is something I must mention. The dates and times you set up, you need to set up as non-negotiable with very few exceptions. Often times I see when I first start this exercise with my new students they set great soft dates, but not real dates. They move them around all the time and end up not accomplishing anymore than they did before.

You must set the dates and have the discipline to keep them. Go ahead and begin scheduling but keep your deadlines so you too can experience all the joy that comes from achieving what you want to achieve.

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