Delegation is a must in children’s ministry

Children’s ministry expands over so many responsibilities, areas and our roles as Children’s pastors or volunteers are ever-changing and increasing. Because of this movement learning and practicing delegation has never been so important but lived so little.

Delegating effectively is a way to carry out more and help people experience how they’re a vital part of Gods bigger picture. Try these suggestions for helping your delegation go to the next level.

1. Create and keep up a list of responsibilities you can assign to others. Distinguish between those things that only you can do (this is the top 20% that gives you 80% return) and those you can hand off to others (this is the other 80% that can be trained to do by others).

2. Appreciate the skills of those around you. Your teams will most likely have the ability to complete certain jobs better and faster than you. Think in terms of what people excel at and what they like to do. Set them up for success and celebrate their wins.

3. Keep the right focus. Focus on results and give people room to carry out the task in their own way. Appreciate different styles of working as long as the outcome is there. You may discover new methods that work better than what you’ve been doing in the past.

4. Be realistic. Develop realistic expectations on the results. If you are just giving someone a project for the first time they may take longer in doing it. That is alright, give them another assignment, then another and the more you give them the better and more efficient they will become.

These are only a few ideas to get you ready to become great in delegating. Check back for suggestions on how to communicate in delegating, getting results and more.

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