Discovering the answers to question number 1

I had posted over here some questions that I keep in Evernote so I can draw them back up again when ever I meet someone that I want to grow from. I may not and usually do not get all the answers to these questions from that one person but I do get as many of the answers I can from each one.

I have had a friend and mentor of mine, Karl Bastian, leave a comment on that blog suggesting for me to write blog post on the answers myself. So, fair enough I will try and answer these myself with the understanding that I reserve the right to get smarter after I answer them.

Question 1 – What are the most important decisions you make as a leader for your ministry?

Answer: For me, I have been trained over all my years to make sure I have the right people on my team. So it would probably start with hiring or recruiting the top level team, those closest to me. I want to make sure I get my coordinators or those closet to me selected carefully. If I can do this and pour into them the “Strategy” & “Vision” (this would probably be 2 other decisions that I am very heavily involved in) then they will make sure the strategies and vision are poured into the rest of the teams and carried out.

There are my quick 3, what others would you add and why?

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