Don’t be afraid of Change.

Some quick thoughts on the topic of change. Principles must guide a leader in managing change positively, effectively, and gracefully.

– It’s important that we focus more on what we need to be than on what we need to do.

– The quality of our relationships is the key to establishing a positive ethos for change.

– People follow easily the leader who undertakes meaningful changes clearly and connects them to a strategy.

– An organizations capacity to change depends to a great degree on effective followership.

The work of bringing about change is the leaders job. Yes there are risks and tensions. The tensions and our understandable fear of them often inhibit an organizations ability to welcome change. Here are some possible sources for these tensions and are by no means an exhaustive list.

– Lack of preparation.

– Our complete inability to control change.

– The comfort of routine.

– Ignorance of the reasons for change.

– The inability to reconcile events with values.

– Determining how much change a person and/or family or organization can digest.

Maybe if we understand some of the sources of tension around change it could help. But, just understanding some possible tensions and the source of them will not remove all risk. An unwillingness to accept risk has swamped more leaders than any of us may know about. But, risk is just like change, it is natural, predictable and should be welcomed.

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